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Isle of Man Clean Tech and Energy

Clean Tech - Isle of Man

The Isle of Man is keen to develop its clean-tech sector, a sector which fits well with its efficient high-tech business environment.

Why Isle of Man for Clean Tech?

The Isle of Man offers a combination of advantages for the development of clean tech businesses which are difficult, if not impossible, to find elsewhere:

  • Vertically integrated sole electricity provider (Manx Utilities Authority)
  • Highly resilient communication network
  • Good wind and tidal resources are readily available
  • Clean Tech cluster and associated Clean Tech forum
  • Highly efficient tax environment helps new businesses to grow
  • Highly experienced Corporate Service Providers (CSPs)
  • Supporting services from government and grant funding
  • Easy access to Ministers and decision makers
  • Access to financial and professional services
  • Experienced within precision manufacturing
  • Excellent transport links to UK and Eire

The Isle of Man Government has many fixed assets, buildings and systems that represent ideal opportunities to conduct closely controlled trials. For certain technologies, the geographical location and profile of the Island can be used as a ‘test ground’. For example, it was used for the first trial of 3G mobile telecommunication technology.

The Manx Utilities Authority (MUA) the Island’s vertically integrated electricity provider, can provide test facilities for generation and fuel experimentation as well as technical personnel to advise how your project can integrate with a national electricity network.

TT Zero 2012 Start Grid

The Isle of Man’s 50 year history of precision manufacturing within the aerospace sector means we can deliver the engineering skills and advice requirements of many clean tech businesses.

The Isle of Man has also led the way with the success of the world's first zero carbon, clean emission motorbike grand prix in 2009.

The Isle of Man has excellent natural resources readily available, including one of the best wind resources in the British Isles; a 5m tidal range offering good R&D opportunities in this field and a Spring tide that travels at 3m per second.

The wave profile is mostly small waves with a short fetch which offers an excellent opportunity for developers specialising in near-shore wave power. The Isle of Man has its own territorial waters from shoreline to a 12 mile limit and around 2800 hectares of Government-owned forestry estate.

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