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Walking a mile in Europe’s shoes

02 March 2017

In February I listened with my colleagues to the news that the UK Prime Minister Theresa May MP would not be staying on for talks on the future of the European Union (EU) following her morning meetings in Brussels. This seemed of course perfectly logical. Why would the Prime Minister have attended? The UK does not have a future in the EU. But hang on a minute…isn’t the UK still a Member at the moment? Despite still holding current member status, the UK is rapidly losing its place at the top tables of EU negotiation and one day soon will be without any formal say at all.

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Challenging the status quo? Brexit, Europe and the Isle of Man

22 August 2016

In July 2016 I met, as an invited guest, with senior members of the Island’s financial and professional services industries to discuss the implications of Brexit for the Isle of Man. It was quite clear my counterparts shared some strong opinions and it was fantastic to contribute to the conversation. The level of the debate and engagement from all present demonstrated clearly Isle of Man businesses’ wish to meet this challenge head-on. Our conversations interrogated many established preconceptions around Brexit and we explored what the post-Brexit Isle of Man-EU and Isle of Man-UK relationship may look like.

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How to make a small fortune in football….

17 June 2015

...start with a large fortune and buy a football club. Well at least that used to be the old adage but, maybe, the world has changed with the meteoric rise of some football clubs and the size of television advertising rights payments. Or is it better to stage a worldwide football tournament...

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A Face in the Crowdfunding

04 March 2015

Who hasn't dreamed about speculating a small sum of money and receiving monster returns like an investment into Amazon, Facebook or Apple. Or to travel around the world like Richard Branson with a portfolio of successful, chic and trendy investments.

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Figuring Out FATCA

01 July 2014

FATCA has arrived, and your company’s new account on-boarding systems should be operational. Many will have found the challenges thrown down by FATCA and the Intergovernmental Agreements (IGAs) daunting. However, you are not alone. The Department of Economic Development and the Income Tax Division have been, and will be, there to provide support to Manx related businesses.

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Fortress EU?

04 November 2013

Recent debates in the EU and UK on protecting domestic taxpayers rage on and clearly the bankers will not be let off the hook for some time yet. But aren’t they missing the old adage that no man is an island…no pun intended being from the Isle of Man.

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