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What is driving change in FinTech? The Fin or the Tech?

23 November 2017

After a 10 year career in a tech environment and through my experience within the Department’s Financial Services team I have spent my fair share of time deliberating FinTech as a sector. Just how much does finance and technology play a part in our daily lives and what opportunities does FinTech offer the Isle of Man?

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What to sell to 170,000 festival goers?

25 July 2017

Watching coverage of this year’s Glastonbury festival and seeing an ocean of bodies basking in the glorious summer sun, I got to thinking, if I had the opportunity to create a pop up pitch to sell to 170,000 festival goers - what would I trade? This thought set off a chain reaction of questions, with the most crucial one being, how and where to start?

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How time flies!

01 May 2017

We often hear people expressing their surprise at how quickly time has passed, whether it's the weekend or a decade that has elapsed without them realising it. The same goes for me for the start of 2017...is it really May already?

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Dan’s driving on-Island business development

27 March 2017

I joined the Department of Economic Development (DED) 11 weeks ago and during this time my eyes have been opened to the wide and varying sectors that the department support. I've worked closely with the department’s e-business and e-gaming team over the last four years in my previous role within the private sector. However, crossing over into the world of a Business Development Manager within DED, I now get to see the engine room in full flow.

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