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The unexpected phone call

04 May 2017

I had an unexpected phone call yesterday. It was from a colleague of mine who works in another Government Department and he was praising an event we run called ISLEXPO. “One of the best events run by Government” was how he worded it. “If only we did more positive things like this”.

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ISLEXPO – A Special Opportunity

14 April 2016

My role at the Department of Economic Development is all about promoting the Island as a destination for business, tourism and as a place to live. I plan and manage campaigns across the year in all these sectors, so as you can imagine, a tremendous amount of research, data, analysis, copy and artwork passes across my desk. Amidst all this, every year one or two things really stand out for me as that little bit special and something really ground breaking for the Isle of Man.

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Marketing the Destination not its sectors

26 June 2015

Tourism, or the ‘visitor economy’ as it’s better known these days has, over the last few decades, been seen by some as the poor relation to its Finance Industry counterpart. Bringing in 1.2% in terms of Gross National Income in comparison to 34% Finance, (the largest income generator to Isle of Man Government) it’s no wonder the Visitor Economy has lacked the profile of newer industries such as e-Business and ICT.

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Why Food Matters

14 November 2014

Paramount to our ability to grow the economy is working in partnership with the private sector, staff and other government departments who all play a role in making the Isle of Man a great place to work and live. One such department, the Department of Food, Environment and Agriculture (DEFA) is leading the way in creating a sustainable future for the Island’s food and drink producers – in turn growing the economy via employment, revenue and local multiplier effects.

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Regeneration Nation

18 July 2014

Over the last couple of weeks, I have been lucky enough to get involved in the Central Douglas Master plan – the plan which sets out the vision for the Island’s capital, Douglas.

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The best of both worlds

09 January 2014

Chatting to friends who came back to the island from London for Christmas, we got onto the subject of commuting. Two hours of their day, every Monday to Friday, is taken up by travelling to and from their offices in London – that’s 10 hours a week, 40 hours a month or 440 hours a year (taking four weeks’ holiday into account) – and two hours a day is considered quite reasonable in London terms.

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