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Isle of Man Food and Drink Manufacturing

Food & Drink Manufacturing

Food and drink production in the Isle of Man is a strategically important industry but also contributes around £100m to the local economy as well providing many jobs in a variety of sectors from farming to catering, manufacture to merchants.

Why choose Isle of Man for Food and Drink Manufacturing?

  • High quality of local ingredients
  • Low tax environment
  • Favourable corporate tax and duty regime

The Isle of Man is able to produce and process a range of staple foods including bread, flour, milk, cheese, meat, eggs, vegetables and fish.

The Isle of Man is developing a reputation for its produce sourced and manufactured from ingredients from within its own fertile environment. For example, Manx Kippers are already widely regarded as the best in the world and now its cheeses, seafood, beers and ice creams are also winning awards and accolades for their purity and flavour.

The clear waters around the Isle of Man provide high-quality shellfish with much of this being exported around the world. Manx Kippers are found in the leading hotels and restaurants around the world but Queen Scallops, or ‘Queenies’ as they are known locally, are becoming equally as well-known. The Island’s trawl-caught Queenie fishery gained Marine Stewardship Council accreditation as a certified sustainable and well-managed fishery in 2011, adding to the Island’s credentials as a place for successful and sustainable industries.

The traceability of locally produced meat is possible because most farms are accredited members of Farm Assurance Schemes. These schemes ensure that animal welfare standards are high and most stock is raised extensively, feeding on grass and locally produced hay, silage or cereals.

The milk provided by the Isle of Man’s dairy herds is distinctly creamy and has helped Isle of Man Creameries be a consistent award-winner at the major cheese shows around the world. It has also helped our local ice cream producers make delicious, full-flavoured products containing only the finest natural ingredients.

The Isle of Man’s Pure Beer Act of 1874 is still in force and means that it is an offence for local brewers to use anything as a substitute for malt, sugar or hops in their brews. This does not restrict the use of other ingredients in the brewing of beer, resulting in many varieties and distinct flavours to try. The Pure Beer Act is a unique selling point for Isle of Man beers, a factor which has helped ensure our beers are recognised by the Campaign for Real Ale (CAMRA) as quality tipples!

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