Isle of Man e-Business Sector


The Isle of Man has a thriving e-Business sector which accounts for around 19% of the economy. The foundation for this success have been the Island’s world-class and highly resilient telecoms and electricity infrastructure and its network of new data hosting centres which incorporate disaster recovery facilities.

Why choose Isle of Man for e-Business?

  • Well-established cluster of e-Businesses
  • World-class telecoms and power infrastructure
  • Grant assistance available
  • Well-regulated jurisdiction
  • Competitive tax regime
  • Access to professional services firms experienced in e-Business

The resilient nature of the Isle of Man’s infrastructure is epitomised by the fact that there is no single point of failure. If a fault occurs then the Island’s ‘self-healing ring technology’ kicks in to enable seamless transition to switch to alternative power or data routing.

The e-Business sector has also benefitted from other feature of the Island’s business environment which enables businesses across a wide range of other sectors to be successful. This includes e-Business-friendly legislation, competitive taxation and a nation committed to maintaining the highest standards of international compliance.

The Isle of Man has also been used in recent years as a test-bed for new technologies and was at the forefront of the launch of both 3G and 3.5G services. Manx Telecom was the first European operator to launch a 3G mobile service and the first in the world to launch a 3.5G mobile service.

All these factors have enabled the Isle of Man to become a significant player within e-Business and a significant cluster of firms has established in the Island particularly around e-Gaming and e-payments.

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