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Captive Insurance Services

The Isle of Man is recognised as being one of the leading centres for captive insurance and has attracted high quality captive business from all over the world.

Why choose Isle of Man for Captives?

  • Home to an impressive number of FTSE 100 and 250 companies and major blue-chip multinational organisations
  • Proportionate and focused regulation
  • Proportional legislation specifically tailored to Captives
  • Not an EU member state
  • 0% Corporate Tax Rate
  • OECD White Listed
  • Redomiciliation legislation
  • Loan backs to parent available
  • PCC/ICC legislation
  • Often less than a month from application to receipt of licence

A broad range of captive management services are available, ranging from small local operations to representatives of the world’s leading captive management groups.

Captives have become a vital part of large companies’ risk management strategy and continue to offer one of the most effective and widely used mechanisms for risk treatment.

Isle of Man legislation offers a wide range of captive structures, including single-parent captives, association captives, rent-a-captives, Protected Cell Company (PCC) captives, limited liability partnership captives and captives writing third party business under limited third party authorisation.

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