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Wealth Management

The Isle of Man can provide the ideal solutions for wealth management. Typically, these may include tax planning, portfolio management, pension advice and multicurrency banking services.

Additionally, more customised solutions may be required such as investment funds, family trusts/PTCs, international tax planning, asset structuring and management (property, yachts, aircraft), family offices and philanthropy.

The Isle of Man can offer expertise and solutions for all of these areas in a favourable tax environment for both resident and non residents alike.


Recognising that Foundations may have greater appeal than trusts for asset holding and private family wealth for clients in civil law countries, the Isle of Man introduced the Foundations Act 2011, which came into operation from 1st January 2012.

The Isle of Man Foundation was introduced with a view to being 'best of breed' and has application for charitable and non-charitable purposes. Featuring a number of characteristics of both companies and trusts, it is a very flexible vehicle which benefits from operating within the Isle of Man’s strong regulatory and governance framework.

Why Choose Isle of Man for Wealth Management?

  • Confidence of Investor & Depositor Protection
  • Expertise of local service providers / presence of renowned international brands
  • Choice of service providers
  • Competitive tax rates/
  • Robust legal system and legislation (e.g. anti forced heirship and reciprocity of judgements)
  • Flexible and innovative commercial legislation (e.g. company, trust, Foundations law)
  • Political and Economic stability
  • Minimal bureaucracy
  • Supportive Government
  • GMT Time Zone

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