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Import & Export

The Isle of Man, by virtue of its unique Customs and Excise Agreement with the United Kingdom and European Law, is treated as part of the UK and European Union (EU) for Customs, Excise and Value Added Tax (VAT) purposes.

The EU operates a system of customs duties and regimes which are common across the Customs Union, whereby non EU goods arriving at an EU port must clear Customs and pay any duties/taxes that are due. Businesses have to arrange for the declarations and payments to be made whilst Customs Authorities formally clear the goods from Customs control into ‘free circulation’, for delivery and trade within the EU. Alternatively, with the approval of the appropriate Customs Authorities, goods may be entered, held or processed under a variety of duty/tax suspension regimes.

Isle of Man Customs and Excise can, through its Entry Processing Unit (EPU) housed within the UK’s Customs Handling of Import and Export Freight (CHIEF) computer system, provide importers, exporters and their agents with the ability to electronically declare goods imported to or exported from the United Kingdom/Isle of Man

Accordingly Isle of Man importers, exporters and their agents are able to obtain electronic system generated customs clearance without the need for the goods to physically travel to the Isle of Man.

It is expected that in the next five years, a system of ‘Centralised Clearance’ will be introduced across the EU and Member States are currently standardising their import and export systems to enable goods arriving anywhere in the EU to be declared and processed in a single Member State. ‘Centralised clearance’ combined with a ‘one stop shop’ approach will, in the future, allow IOM EPU users to import/export goods anywhere in the EU while accounting for their arrival/departure via the IOM. From that point, businesses using the Isle of Man EPU will be able to trade into Europe even more efficiently and cost effectively.

Why Choose Isle of Man for Import/Export?

  • Ability to land goods in UK
  • Greater share of profit margin
  • Full access to UK processing facilities
  • Fast Goods Clearance
  • Efficient responsiveness Customs Officials
  • Turnkey Solutions
  • Integrated Software Solutions Available
  • Competitive Tax Regime
  • Near shoring environment close to Europe
  • Internationally recognised & respected

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