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Funds Centre

Fund Management

The Isle of Man is well established with over $22bn under management and a full complement of supporting professional services including fund administrators, legal firms, fiduciaries, administrators and custodians. It excels in specialist asset classes and prides itself on customer responsiveness and scalable solutions from small syndicates to capital market listings of investment vehicles.

As a leading fund centre, it can provide the right solution to your fund needs including:

It recognises the need for more flexible arrangements for newly establishing Managers with options available such as Managed Managers (for those who require infrastructure support), Graduated Manager Licence (in launch phase) and Licensed Investment Manager enabled to act as Managers of CIS and closed ended companies.

See Getting Licensed Fact Sheet.

Fund Custodianship

The Island’s custodian professionals provide access to a wide knowledge base and are capable of responding quickly and effectively to the needs of their clients in Global markets. Whether the client is a fledgling funds or more established clients they can expect excellent service particularly in non correlated and non-fungible asset classes.

See Custodian Fact Sheet

Fund Administration

Your fund can be administered in the Isle of Man whether it is domiciled in another jurisdiction or one of the excellent local products on offer. From complex multi-strategy hedge funds, including managed accounts, to funds of funds, quoted companies and private equity, to institutional investing, all types of fund structure can be found administered on the Island.

See the Fund Administration Fact Sheet

Funds Domicile

The Isle of Man provides a cost effective alternative to your fund domicile requirements, whether a local vehicle or overseas fund, offering the ability to near shore in a European time zone for ease of liaison and travel cost effectively. The fund vehicle will benefit from a simple tax regime, currently zero per cent.

See Alternative Fund Domicile Fact Sheet.

Or see the Local Funds Domicile Fact Sheet

Why Choose Isle of Man for Funds?

  • Wide choice of fund options, geared to breadth of institutional fund needs
  • Pragmatic business friendly regulation
  • ‘Can-do’ business environment
  • Simple tax regime, with zero capital gains tax and no income tax
  • Competitive costs
  • On-island expertise, depth and breadth of professional and support services

Visit the Funds Fact Sheets download page to find out more about the full range of funds solutions on offer in the Isle of Man.

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