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Agency Build - Latest Update

06 March 2018

Reaching the point, last Friday, where the Department could advertise the Agency Chief Executive And Chair vacancies was a significant and eagerly awaited milestone for the Department. At the time of publishing the strategic review in the summer of 2017, the Department committed to becoming smaller and more focused, with the clear intent of utilising private sector input more extensively and inviting active engagement. The Department committed publically to developing a partnering role with industry, including joint funding of specific initiatives.

In its journey to achieve these organisational ambitions, the Department has received support and encouragement from industry leaders, professional organisations and from within Government, especially from the Council of Ministers and from within the Attorney General’s Office and the Office of Human Resources.

Through discussions with external and internal stakeholders, reviews and revisions, we now have the required Framework and initial Terms of Reference for each Agency. The next step is to ensure that the current recruitment process delivers six outstanding business leaders to play central roles within these Agencies’ structures. For more information pertaining to these positions, please access www.gov.im/dfe-agencies

The Agency Boards will be formed soon after the Chairs for the four Agencies are appointed. We have developed a person specification for Board members and we are now putting the final touches to Terms of Appointment. These documents will form the basis for the Board member nominations from the professions and organisations listed in each Agency’s Terms of Reference. In due course, the Department will also be happy to receive self-nominations from people who believe that they have the appropriate attributes. Board member application packs will be distributed on March 26th and the closing date for nominations will be April 13th. Please contact us if you wish to be added to our distribution list to receive an Agency Board member application pack - jann.jevons2@gov.im

Thanks to everyone who has been involved throughout this part of the Agency-build process.

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