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Open your mind to the possibilities of crypto

02 February 2018

With more people than ever to live an ever-greater proportion of their lives in crypto, online gamers who use these currencies can be some of the stickiest around. John Caldwell, director of advocacy at the Isle of Man-based Double C foundation, explains what it takes to rework a disused crypto-currency so it’s fit for purpose in 2018, and why the gaming industry should open its mind to the possibilities of crypto.

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Changing the Conversation

23 January 2017

I have heard it numerous times at shows across the UK, so much so that the subject is almost infamous now. Conference delegates decry they can’t get the skilled technical staff or they can’t find the right experienced employees in the IT field. It is undeniable that a serious battle for talent is taking place in the UK, some parts of Europe and the Isle of Man. If you’re in the market for a new job then it’s a great time to be in IT. If you are a new business deciding where to incorporate and establish, then availability of staff is going to be a key issue.

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Foreign Direct Investment – A Force for Good

16 December 2016

In the first of a new series of guest blogs, Kelly Ashe, Sales and Marketing Manager at Pacific Fund Systems, shares her perspective on Foreign Direct Investment and its benefits for the Isle of Man's economy.

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Movers, shakers, relocators

27 September 2016

The introduction of work permit exemptions for ICT professionals was a great step forward for the Isle of Man and demonstrates how a flexible Government can really work for the economy. In the ICT sector, we need additional digital expertise and we need it now. The result of the ICT work permit exemption is that recruitment for ICT positions on the Island is now a faster and smoother process with minimal red tape from Government. This means that the rapidly growing ICT sector can get the right skills in the right jobs right now. Ultimately, growing our base of taxpayers and the workforce contributing to the Island is in the public interest for the long term development of our thriving economy.

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Disruptive innovators: The next twenty-one years

30 August 2016

I travelled off island recently. On my travels I did what any one of us will do on a day to day basis while away from home on business. I took images of business card details for upload to our CRM system. I travelled by public transport and taxi to meetings and business lunches. I stayed in comfortable but reasonably priced hotels.

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The Internet of Things: Intangible Concept, Real World Results

25 July 2016

In the world of IT, telecommunications and fintech one term has come to ubiquitously bring together a world of connected possibilities previously thought impossible. This term wraps together myriad possibilities, many previously unconsidered, many with a real possibility of improving (and in some cases extending!) our lives. The Internet of Things is here to stay and it’s the biggest thing in tech that you may not have heard about. The Internet of Things is everywhere and I would argue embracing it is the next vital step in our economic development.

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Knowledge is Currency - ISLEXPO 2016

25 April 2016

It’s all go at the moment here at the Department of Economic Development. The Enterprise Development Scheme (EDS) is now live with our new appointed Fund Manager – SPARK Impact, and we are already seeing a lot of quality interest from various sized companies from all different sectors and locations. All this is very promising for the Isle of Man’s economy… and busy for us!

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ISLEXPO – A Special Opportunity

14 April 2016

My role at the Department of Economic Development is all about promoting the Island as a destination for business, tourism and as a place to live. I plan and manage campaigns across the year in all these sectors, so as you can imagine, a tremendous amount of research, data, analysis, copy and artwork passes across my desk. Amidst all this, every year one or two things really stand out for me as that little bit special and something really ground breaking for the Isle of Man.

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Is Banking About to Have its Social Media Moment?

01 April 2016

In my previous blogs I have written about the importance of the millennial generation and how this group is changing the face of wealth management. This is this very same generation that is driving technological change in the fintech space (where finance meets technology). Not only does this generation not see a traditional bank branch in their future, they expect banks to provide them with state of the art products and services they demand. This is, in many cases, at odds with what the traditional banks think they can sell to this market segment.

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Women in Tech: Part 2

29 February 2016

In the first part of my blog I was looking at the issues facing women in tech, in particular that of culture and education.

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When all the Hype is gone….

24 February 2016

If you haven't been aware of the international levels of excitement around Blockchain in the last few years you may have been living in a parallel universe!

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Data... The New Asset Class

12 February 2016

Our increasing reliance on data is causing it to evolve into a progressively valuable asset that needs effective protection. Unfortunately we are seeing a few stories in the news about data being hacked, or worse, stolen, meaning the need for exceptional protection is on the rise.

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Women in Tech: Part 1

01 February 2016

As a female myself working in the e-business tech world. I can openly say it is a male dominated industry, although the male to female ratio is slowly decreasing there is still a large segregation between the two sexes.

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Fin and Tech – the perfect partnership.

23 September 2015

We’re the fin, they’re the tech John Garland (Head of Corporate Financial Services) also says they’re the beauty and we’re the beast as Financial services is the established, slick sector and e-business is the gawky new kid on the block constantly growing (it has nothing to do with the appearance of the two representatives for the sectors so I’m told!)

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The Right Ingredients

07 August 2015

To make the perfect burger it’s all about the burger mixture. You can’t beat a home-made burger made from scratch with TLC and all the right ingredients. A Greek cook once introduced me to his not-so-secret recipe.

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In the future, banks may hold identity, not cash!

30 July 2015

The biggest transfer of wealth in human history is now underway, as “Baby Boomers” (those born from 1945 to 1965) pass their assets onto their children also known as “Millennials” (those born from 1980 – 2005).

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The end of the Middleman?

02 July 2015

The Isle of Man, indeed the entire World, stands on the edge of a new technology era. Since the arrival of the Internet a piece has always been missing. That has all changed now with the arrival of decentralisation via the Internet.

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Marketing the Destination not its sectors

26 June 2015

Tourism, or the ‘visitor economy’ as it’s better known these days has, over the last few decades, been seen by some as the poor relation to its Finance Industry counterpart. Bringing in 1.2% in terms of Gross National Income in comparison to 34% Finance, (the largest income generator to Isle of Man Government) it’s no wonder the Visitor Economy has lacked the profile of newer industries such as e-Business and ICT.

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The Softer Side of e-Business

05 June 2015

My First month since joining the e-Business team as a Business Development Manager has been an educational whirlwind, and yet there is still so much to learn!

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Vision 2020 – A clear picture of the Island’s economy

08 May 2015

Just over a year ago the Isle of Man Government released Vision2020, a comprehensive new strategy that looked to outline the Island’s plans to achieve growth and sustainable development for the future. I want to look at the progression of the strategy and some of the achievements one year on.

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Reduce wealth to pure data and transmit it round the world cost-free!

05 February 2015

I guess everyone is talking about the Coinbase news and the eye-watering valuations being ascribed to new businesses in the crypto space. Coinbase has just raised $75 million and is now backed by NYSE and the BBVA banking group. Crypto is indeed going mainstream!

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The Isle of Man first again and proud!

22 December 2014

The Isle of Man is a great place. It makes me proud to know my home is a heavy hitter when it comes to success. Along with the TT motorcycle races, here’s a taster of the world class quality we’re famous for: 3G high speed cellular/mobile technology was trialled in the Isle of Man and was the first country in Europe to commercially launch it, the Isle of Man was the first Island in the world to be mapped for GPS (Global Positioning Satellite) purposes.

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When Money 2020 met Vision 2020!

25 November 2014

What is the future of money? I recently attended Money2020, an annual financial technology innovation summit held in Las Vegas, which looked into this.

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Isle of Man - the new world capital of Crypto 2.0

31 October 2014

I previously wrote about the development of the digital payments and digital currency space in the Isle of Man and the technological infrastructure that supports this. As we look to the future we see many new exciting opportunities growing from this base.

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How the Isle of Man became a digital business success? Byte by byte!

09 October 2014

Due to its geographical location, strategically positioned between Ireland and England, the Isle of Man enjoyed early telecommunications success. This was because undersea telecom cables running long distances from Ireland to England could be operated, supported and serviced better if routed through a location between both points - the Isle of Man was the solution!

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Crypto Valley Summit creates a real Bitcoin Buzz…

24 September 2014

For many of the 80 plus C-level executives from digital currency companies that visited the Isle of Man last week, it was their first visit to our small rock in the Irish Sea. Judging from the response to the Crypto Valley Summit, this will be the first of many, and a large number of them will be establishing businesses here.

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Digital Currency: the new-age “disruption”

16 September 2014

One day before the inaugural Crypto Valley Summit (being held on the Isle of Man on 17-18 September this week) I thought I would reflect on how digital currency and the technology behind it is shaping the future of the Isle of Man and the wider world.

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Marketing – it’s just common sense, right?

29 August 2014

I’m feeling depressed this week. I stumbled across a couple of articles and one blog that stated that marketing is actually mainly just common sense.

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"Warning - Disruptive Technology Ahead"

23 July 2014

According to some well-known analysts the rise of disruptive technology is unstoppable. This is especially true when household names like Facebook and others (the so-called tech giants) target their new disruptive technologies at very lucrative business sectors which continue to use old legacy systems and work practices.

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The Isle of Man will never walk alone in Liverpool!

30 June 2014

What more can I say about Liverpool, city of the famed golden sky -it's still fabulous, friendly, full of business opportunity and fun!

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Google I/O extends to the Isle of Man

17 June 2014

The Isle of Man has had another fabulous TT fortnight and is enjoying some exotic sunshine as I write this (June 17th). In San Francisco another sunny place, the team at Google are putting the finishing touches to their plans for the Google I/O conference on June 25th and 26th.

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Isle of Man life in the fast lane

13 June 2014

Many of you will know the Island punches well above its weight when it comes to sports… Now meet another Manx sporting success story – Chris Mealin is a 20 year old proud Manxman now taking the motorsport world by storm.

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Good Investment and Social Media work well together in the Isle of Man

30 May 2014

Many of you will be familiar with the term "crowdfunding", a by-product of the financial crash. As the name suggests, investment funds are provided to worthy start-up businesses by small crowds of private investors each willing to invest small amounts of cash via promotion over the Internet. The sheer volume of small investor loans can amount to substantial investment sums for the start-up involved.

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"Isle of Man? What's that then?"

23 May 2014

I had occasion to speak to a journalist a couple of weeks ago. She’s from the Isle of Man but works as a successful freelancer in London. She was saying that most don’t even know where it is! My tongue in cheek comment about standards slipping in the teaching of geography or, “have they ever watched the national weather forecast on TV and wondered what that big blob in the middle of the Irish Sea is between Ireland and England?”, didn't go down too well.

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Digital strategy - fail to prepare or prepare to fail - your choice

24 April 2014

I’ve recently returned from the 27th annual Game Developers Conference in San Francisco which was full of speaker panels with titles reflecting success in this sector such as “The Sound of Grand Theft Auto V” and “The Art of Reanimating Plants Vs Zombies 2”

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The best of both worlds

09 January 2014

Chatting to friends who came back to the island from London for Christmas, we got onto the subject of commuting. Two hours of their day, every Monday to Friday, is taken up by travelling to and from their offices in London – that’s 10 hours a week, 40 hours a month or 440 hours a year (taking four weeks’ holiday into account) – and two hours a day is considered quite reasonable in London terms.

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Fit for a King – or a Rockstar

10 December 2013

If you haven’t heard of Rockstar, you probably know of its most successful product: the world-famous video game Grand Theft Auto. Having cost US$300m to develop, GTA5 made US$800m in its first 24 hours of release this September, and has now sold an estimated 28 million copies worldwide - more than all previous GTA releases combined. In other words, it’s been a huge commercial success.

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The Internet, leaks and opportunities

15 November 2013

The Internet like any other pipeline infrastructure is prone to occasional leaks and the World Wide Web is no exception. In the past several months we have had a daily media diet telling us about security leaks and how alleged espionage is being conducted on the Internet on an industrial scale.

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DED host CEO of International Festival for Business

08 November 2013

We recently hosted Max Steinberg CBE on the Island. Max is the Chairman for the International Festival for Business 2014 and CEO of Liverpool Vision the organisers of the festival, which takes place in Liverpool in June and July next year.

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