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Thinking Creatively

22 February 2017


As part of my role as a Special Projects Senior Manager at the Department of Economic Development, over the last year I have been lucky enough to work with colleagues from across the British Isles as part of a specific British Irish Council group created to nurture the Creative Industries. The objective of the group is to enable public and private sector delegates at each event to learn from local success stories and return home with new ideas to share with the sector. It is all about thinking creatively and using that insight to more effectively advise on future policy decisions affecting the industry.

The various events I have attended have demonstrated the breadth of what could be considered “Creative Industries” and each has had a theme permeating throughout. On one occasion I was lucky enough to visit Cardiff Bay and see first-hand the fantastic influence of the partnership with Pinewood Studios and the result of the city’s welcoming attitude towards the film and television industry as a whole. As part of a wider regeneration scheme, the area is now famous for its associations with popular TV shows including Dr Who, Casualty and Sherlock, which provide additional income for the Council and local businesses, while acting as an extra draw for tourists.

The Isle of Man has a terrific creative sector. We have artists, musicians, photographers, animators and so many people with amazing talents. We also have other front-line businesses from a wide variety of other sectors supporting Creative Industries. Most of all, there is a fantastic energy within the Creative Industries in the Isle of Man and I believe we need to take that energy and channel it into larger scale commercial projects. Examples I have been shown by the British Irish Council have proved that by combining creative businesses, such as music venues, with firm ideals of corporate social responsibility, we can demonstrate the viability of businesses built on creativity that also exist for the benefit of the community. Successful and sustainable business doesn’t have to mean the surrender of socially responsible ideals, as can sometimes be the perception from within the sector.

I want to help businesses grow and create an environment where Creative Industries companies can thrive. I want to help individuals and creative businesses of all sizes channel their energy into making their enterprise really work here on the Island.

This week we launched a new careers booklet for the Isle of Man Creative Industries sector. There are a wide variety of employment opportunities available on the Island within this broad sector and this latest edition of the careers booklet offers insight for anyone considering a move or a start as a Creative.

Download the Creative Industries Careers Booklet.

Find out more about Grants and Assistance.

Join the Isle of Man Creative Industries Facebook Group to stay up to date with creative news and events.

Attend our next Creative Industries networking event from 6pm - 9pm, 16th March 2017 at Noa Bakehouse, Douglas. No pre-registration is required.

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