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Movers, shakers, relocators

27 September 2016


The introduction of work permit exemptions for ICT professionals was a great step forward for the Isle of Man and demonstrates how a flexible Government can really work for the economy. In the ICT sector, we need additional digital expertise and we need it now. The result of the ICT work permit exemption is that recruitment for ICT positions on the Island is now a faster and smoother process with minimal red tape from Government. This means that the rapidly growing ICT sector can get the right skills in the right jobs right now. Ultimately, growing our base of taxpayers and the workforce contributing to the Island is in the public interest for the long term development of our thriving economy.

Even more great news for the companies on the Isle of Man is that recent developments in the Island’s education sector will see any skills gap in the ICT industry closed even further in years to come. On the 12th October the new International Centre for Technology will open preparing to take on its first cohort of students. The new facility is the result of close working between Government and the private sector and is intended to provide grow the Isle of Man’s future ICT stars right here on the Island.

It is gratifying that I am starting to see the results of these developments in my every day work. Client, friend and fintech entrepreneur, Stefan Hobl and I bumped into one another in Douglas recently. After a brief conversation I was delighted to hear that Stefan’s new digital start up business in the Isle of Man, Sploor, is doing well. The even better news Stefan gave me, with a broad grin, was that his Isle of Man work permit had come through successfully with minimal fuss. The granting of Stefan’s work permit was by all accounts a smooth and efficient process for all concerned and stands out as another great example of how the Isle of Man Government innovates, pragmatically and positively, reacting to and driving economic requirements.

The Isle of Man has a lot to offer the Stefans of this world as well. A vibrant finance sector and highly supportive Government assistance schemes provide just some of reasons that influenced Stefan to make the move across. He needs an investment focussed jurisdiction like ours and we can provide the opportunities he needs to develop a successful business.

Safely across to the Island, Stefan can focus on future business growth and plans to prepare an application for our Enterprise Development Scheme (EDS), a £50 million investment fund designed to assist businesses to start, grow or relocate to the Island. EDS is another innovative scheme provided by the Isle of Man. With the Island maintaining strong economic growth, it strikes me our tagline has never been truer, the Isle of Man really is Where You Can!

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