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Marketing – it’s just common sense, right?

29 August 2014


I’m feeling depressed this week. I stumbled across a couple of articles and one blog that stated that marketing is actually mainly just common sense.


So apparently I wasted thousands of pounds of my own money studying a Master of Marketing degree from a blue chip business school and several years of my time on continuous professional development. All those lectures on boring old strategy, the psychology of buyer behaviour, market segmentation, planning etc. - I could have avoided all that.

If only I’d realized that I only had to apply common sense to any required marketing solution I could have saved my valuable time and money.

I haven’t got the heart to tell my colleagues ...so let’s keep this one quiet shall we…?

However there may be some of you out there in the Isle of Man business community and further afield that will be reassured to know that in the Marketing team at the Department of Economic Development we have a team of six industry professionals, all either Chartered Marketers, fully qualified Members, or studying CIM (Chartered Institute of Marketing) courses.

But why go to all this trouble of marketing training and skills development?

Well, it seems that although marketing is really only common sense…er…it’s often that the common sense is not that common.

Still with me?

So why do we go to the trouble of continuous marketing skills development?

We do it because when you’re involved in promoting the Isle of Man’s very many capabilities in (takes deep breath)

Banking, Insurance and Captives, Fund Management, Life Assurance, Professional Services, Aviation Services, Yacht Administration, Ship Management, E-Business, E-Gaming, Clean Tech, Energy, Film, Aerospace/Precision engineering, Manufacturing, Tourism, Regeneration, Retail, the Companies Registry, Ship Registry and Aircraft Registry, the political interface…

(Takes another breath)

…and all the shows at the Villa Marina and Gaiety Theatre, the work of the Employment and Skills Division involving the Job Centre, Careers Service, Work Permits, Training Services…..

…across PR, digital, social media, offline comms etc...

…it actually helps us enormously.

Not sure many other marketing departments and agencies have this broad range of responsibilities.

We believe that having these professional skills and knowledge enables us to look at the diverse sectors and responsibilities that make up our economy and promote them efficiently and effectively in a proper context taking a holistic approach.

We strive to be professional, results-driven and customer-focused.

I mean, that’s just common sense isn't it?

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