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"Isle of Man? What's that then?"

23 May 2014


I had occasion to speak to a journalist a couple of weeks ago. She’s from the Isle of Man but works as a successful freelancer in London. She was saying that most don’t even know where it is! My tongue in cheek comment about standards slipping in the teaching of geography or, “have they ever watched the national weather forecast on TV and wondered what that big blob in the middle of the Irish Sea is between Ireland and England?”, didn't go down too well.


She also said some of her friends still don’t know much about the Isle of Man and so I told her to tell her friends about a few of the other things that the Isle of Man is proud of….apart from the TT Races and cats with no tails….Here’s a small selection.

  • We produce world class cyclists. Multi-stage winner of the Tour de France and ex-World Champion Mark Cavendish is Manx as is 2012 Olympic gold medallist Peter Kennaugh. In recent years Manx cyclists have won Olympic, Commonwealth, European and British titles.
  • The Bee Gees are Manx.
  • The Peel car P50, originally manufactured in the Isle of Man, continues to hold the world record for the smallest production automobile.
  • Over 100 feature film and TV dramas have been produced and filmed in the Isle of Man. The latest being the film version of BBC TV’s spy thriller ‘Spooks’.
  • 1 in 5 people across the world use a safety control in kettles invented by Isle of Man company, Strix, over 1 billion times a day.
  • Pilates was developed on the Isle of Man by Joseph Pilates.
  • The Royal National Lifeboat Institution (RNLI) was founded in the Isle of Man by William Hillary in 1824
  • 3G high speed mobile technology was trialled in the Isle of Man and was the first country in Europe to commercially launch it.
  • Tynwald is the longest-running continuous Parliament in the world.

We’re also pretty good at making things…

  • Arguably the finest watches in the world are made in the Isle of Man by Roger Smith
  • The Isle of Man Aerospace Cluster is involved in the design and manufacture of engineered components and assemblies for every major civil and military project in the world.

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