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Isle of Man - China Connections...

17 April 2014


I was struck on our recent visit to China with our Chief Minister led – delegation in March just how significant China is now becoming in bringing us new innovation and technology as it races towards becoming the number one economy in the world over the next few years…


Shanghai Linso Digital Technology Co., Ltd. (LINSO), a leading Chinese manufacturer of commercial LED solutions, which has recently set up a company in the Isle of Man to facilitate its new export drive into the UK and Europe, is a great example of that.

We visited their new office in Shanghai to see a presentation on some of their innovations – dancing robotic displays, flexible digital screens - that could almost be turned into wearable advertising or fashion accessories and LED car paints that can change colour – who knows where some of these applications may take us next.

It brought home to me just how the Isle of Man, as a base for entrepreneurism and some of these Chinese technologies can be really complementary in supporting their globalisation, and it is great that a small place like the Isle of Man is moving towards becoming increasingly associated with China and making such links.

In view of the growing demand on its product offerings in the UK and Europe, LINSO decided to set up a trading company in the Isle of Man to facilitate its business development in these markets. The Isle of Man is an advantageous business location for this and the prospect of their further investment here looks promising.

Mr Chen, the principal of LINSO, has already placed on record how he had found it easy to set up his company in the Isle of Man and appreciated all possible assistance provided by the Isle of Man Government and with our help also quickly found the professional and other business support services he needed, including a local partner.

Aside from LINSO, it is notable that China is now also responsible for producing full electric vehicles not just hybrids, and with a range of 300km, a battery life of 300,000km and a recharge time of a few hours, we may not recognise Chinese car brands yet, but they are already bringing us all potentially that much closer to full electric car reality.

One area where we are absolutely about to benefit from Chinese technology though is in our mobile telecoms – it is a Chinese firm – Huawei - who are supplying the 4G kit which will help make this available to us all in the Isle of Man in the coming year.

So, the Chinese connections with our lives – even here in little ‘ol Isle of Man are becoming increasingly clear and important.

One unlikely connection we have made on our travels is with our ‘three legs’symbol of which we are so proud and the Chinese three legged ‘CHAN CHU’.

This is a potentially important connection if you want to attract wealth and good luck.

It could be likened to our Fairy Bridge and who knows – perhaps one day we will find CHAN CHU under there.

I'll leave CHAN CHU to you to look up on Google…

Posted Comments

Great, but it's a trading office to increase their sales. IOM should also focus on getting part of their R&D and Manufacturing, not as usual, just be a cow to get milked (goods from Asia, money from EU :P )koegler22 Oct 2014
Great article Steve and really encouraging links.
High tech, high added value, low impact - just where we want to be..Onwards!Harleypartners23 Apr 2014
brilliant news for the IOM well done . ...esp the electric vehicles some thing to really explore here with our size Nula Isle of Man Angel network 17 Apr 2014

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